Trust Schools, like Academies, are a serious threat to state education and to teachers’ pay and conditions of service.


A Trust School is run by a group of external sponsors who can apply to the DfES to change rates of pay and conditions . The Trust will own the school buildings and land – and can, if they so wish, dispose of them . Trust Schools will extend selection and encourage damaging competition between schools .

Trust Schools form a central plank of the Government’s Education Bill, which is why the NUT is campaigning to get it changed .


What You Can Do

At the touch of a button you can send a letter to your MP and state your opposition, using the NUT website . MPs really do take notice of constituents – letters can mean lost votes .

Just go to; then Education Bill; then Write to your MP .

You will then see a copy of the letter in the centre of the screen . Scroll down this central box until you get to the request to enter your post code, and click Search . Details of your MP will appear . Just fill in your personal details, click Send, and the letter is sent automatically .


Or send your own letter;

Or arrange to see your MP at her/his surgery .



Delegates at the recent NUT Conference voted overwhelmingly to oppose the section of the Bill which sets up Trust schools .




The exam season is upon us and, in most cases, teachers no longer have to invigilate . The School Teachers Pay and Conditions Document says:


“Invigilating examinations is not a productive use of teachers’ time . From September 2005 teachers will no longer routinely be required to invigilate external examinations (eg . National Curriculum tests, GCSE and AS/A2 examinations) . ”



You may need to conduct practical and oral exams in your subject;

You can be required to invigilate internal exams when they are held in normal lesson times – but not if your school has reorganised the timetable .


Gained Time

Teachers sometimes gain time as a result of pupils doing exams or being on study leave . You can be asked to cover for an absent colleague in this time only if you have not reached your 38 hour annual cover limit .

If you are asked to invigilate an external exam, or to cover beyond the 38 hour limit, please ring the office for advice .





Bradford NUT is looking for members to attend the Young Teachers’ Conference on the weekend of July 7 th – 9 th .

The Conference will be held at the union’s training centre, Stoke Rochford Hall .


So, if you are under 35 and would like to be a voice for young teachers within the NUT, and would like to sample the delights of Stoke Rochford Hall, why not give us a ring for further details?

All expenses will be paid .



Tuesday May 9th at 5pm

International Restaurant

Morley Street

( Followed by a FREE curry or food of your choice) .

Hope you can make it!










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