May 2002 - Newsletter

POST-THRESHOLD PAY - We need to keep up the pressure

In the last Newsletter there was an extensive piece about payments on the Upper Pay Scale (Post – Threshold Scale). The time is rapidly approaching when all schools will need to conduct Performance Reviews for Post – Threshold teachers to enable them to move up to the next point on the scale.
In 2000 we were lured onto the Upper Pay Scale by talk of further advancements which would have a real effect on salaries and pensions. We are now told that such an advancement will depend upon us satisfying additional criteria which for most of the past two years we knew nothing about, and that we can’t have the promotion if the school can’t afford it.
The word "unfair" seems strangely inadequate.

The NUT is demanding

Bradford NUT is sending the following letter to your Headteacher and Chair of Governors.

Dear Headteacher/Chair of Governors,

As you will know, the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions document sets out the following criteria for progress on the Upper Pay Scale:

a. there has been a review of the performance of the post-threshold teacher;
b. the achievements of the post-threshold teacher and his (sic) contribution to the school have been substantial and sustained. (Paragraph 17.7 STPCD 2001).

I am therefore writing to you to request that Performance Reviews are conducted for every NUT member who crossed the Threshold in 2000, in line with these criteria.

The view of the NUT, nationally, is that the existing Threshold standards cover a wide field, including each teacher’s contribution to the school. This implies that those teachers who crossed the Threshold in 2000 and have maintained those achievements should be regarded as having met the criteria of “substantial and sustained”.

We understand that the Governors, with advice from the Headteacher, will need to consider all of those teachers who crossed the Threshold in the first round. The question to be answered would in each case be whether they have continued to make this “substantial and sustained” contribution to the school. This would be based on the last two school years, and involve objectives which staff were aware of throughout that time. Any decision that a member of staff had not made the necessary contribution would be supported by evidence that concerns about the member of staff’s performance had been taken up with them during the relevant time period and not satisfactorily resolved.
As you are aware, the Threshold process created an atmosphere of demoralisation amongst a large number of teachers. We feel sure that you would wish to avoid any similar damage to the morale of teachers through the application of the Post-Threshold procedure.
We would be pleased to discuss these issues further if you think this would be helpful.

Has your school management given you a breakdown of your 1265 hours? It should include the teaching day, all meetings, and all directed duties.
You are entitled to this.
You should also have a school calendar for each year which specifies when all meetings etc take place. Now is a good time to ask for this as your Head will be planning for next year.


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