March 2000 - Nesletter No. 2

No one is safe!

The Government is about to introduce a demeaning and threateningsystem of “performance management” for all teachers.

This will affect you whether or not you seek to “crossthe threshold” and get the extra £2,000.

Whether or not you go for the carrot, from September the stickwill be there.

You will be set a minimum of three annual targets, includingones for pupil results and your own professional development.

You will then be constantly monitored, including by lessonobservation, and the inspection of work and of records. To usethe wording of the Government’s proposed framework “Effectivemanagement means paying continuous attention to progress throughoutthe year.”

The Government’s Plans for Your Future:

The damage that will be done to teamwork, to focussing on theneeds of all pupils, and to providing a rounded education is knownto every professional in education

The NUT is committed to fighting the introduction of this system:

You will shortly be receiving a survey from the Union on yourattitude to the Government’s proposals, and what you arewilling to do to oppose them. Please showyour support for the actions being suggested.

Please also make your feelings known to your MP and to DavidBlunkett.


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