Newsletter - December 2003


Charles Clarke did not give all teachers a 2.5% rise from April 2004. He decided to hit those teachers with a management allowance by freezing the value of their allowances so they will only have a rise on their basic spine point.
This is an unprecedented move and is only the first stage in an attack on these teachers and management allowances in general.
A review is being undertaken of the structure of allowances, considering -

It is clear that Clarke is aiming to reduce the number of allowances and their value and to make most of them temporary.
This agenda is dominated by the Workforce Remodelling Agreement (not signed by the NUT) which has to be paid for by teachers getting below inflation wage rises and taking on responsibilities on the cheap.
Clarke is also looking for ways of targeting the new allowances on teaching and learning, so watch out if you have a pastoral post or other post not directly connected with the new definition.
If you have a management allowance at the moment its future is under discussion. This review could radically affect your job and the future value of your salary - particularly if the freeze on allowances continues, if the new structure has a reduced number of allowances, or if allowances are limited to fewer people.
The NUT will fight toprotect you against Clarke's smash and grab raid!
In particular, if you have a temporary management allowance at the moment, you need to be aware that ALL management allowances from 1st April 2004 will have to be awarded for a maximum of 1 year only. Now is the time to get yours made permanent if at all possible.


All NUT members in Primary Schools should have received a ballot form about the SATs boycott at Key Stages 1 and 2. It is vital that the union gets a large majority for action to reflect the massive majority of members against the SATs revealed by the recent survey.
Members in Bradford have run two successful stalls in the city centre, and one in Keighley - collecting signatures for a petition, distributing leaflets outlining our arguments against SATs, and giving away Stop the SATs balloons. Another stall is planned in Ilkley on Saturday December 6th and all help will be gratefully received. Please ring the office if you can make it.


You may have seen this story in a recent Times Ed. It is a landmark case because there was no big bullying incident but continual undermining of the teacher which left her, after four years of this, too ill to teach and having to retire early.
The judge described the Headís behaviour towards the claimant as unfair, rude, aggressive and intimidatory. His judgement sends a clear message to LEAs and school managements that bullying staff lays them open to legal action and will not be tolerated.
You may feel you are subject to an unreasonable workload or have been unfairly criticised after a lesson observation. This in itself is not bullying, but if you are obstructed or belittled when you try to deal with it, that does constitute bullying.

Bullying in schools is always unacceptable and can be successfully challenged.

If you think you are being bullied :-