April 2000

Going Through The Threshold
Or Going Through The Roof?

The arrangements for applying for Performance Related Pay areevery bit as unreasonable and divisive as anyone could ever haveimagined they would be. The threshold assessment scheme has veryevidently been drawn up by people who know or care very littlefor what actually happens in schools.

We were told by the Government that a majority of teachersat or above Point 9 on the scale would be able to cross the threshold.Yet as teachers look at the application form and the accompanyingpack, the vast majority of them are wondering how they can provideevidence to meet all of the criteria - not because they are notgood teachers, but because the scheme (drawn up by managementconsultants) takes no account of the realities of school life.

Most of us never believed that it was possible to draw up afair scheme, but this is worse than our expectations.

The NUT is continuing to try to get these proposals withdrawn.It already has further campaigning activities planned. You willshortly receive a survey asking you to support different formsof action to put pressure on the Government. Please respond positivelyto this.

We want £2,000 for all teachers - something perfectlywithin what the Government could afford, and essential if it wantsto restore the morale of the profession and attract new applicants.

If you think the scheme is unfair and unreasonable, but youintend to see if you can get the £2,000 anyway, please holdoff from applying yet. You have until June 5th. Before then wewill try to get the scheme changed/replaced with better pay forall. We will also, in the event of the scheme continuing, issueadvice on how best to apply.

We have arranged a meeting on TuesdayApril 4th (this Tuesday) in Manningham Middle School, ManninghamLane, Bradford, at 4:30pm to look at these issues. If you can'tcome, we are also willing to come into schools to give advice/hearyour views.


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