Last year, too many of our members spent a frustrating time wondering when a decision about their Upper Pay Spine progression would be made. At some schools, decisions about this pay change, which takes effect from September 1st, were unreasonably delayed until well into the school year. Now, at last, the prevarications may be over.

The new School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD) does not include much that we in the NUT can welcome, but it does put a time limit on UPS decisions. If you, or other colleagues, experience delays in the future, you can point out the following bit of the document to your Head:

“Relevant bodies should conduct teachers’ annual pay reviews without undue delay. The pay policy should set out by when decisions (effective from September 1st each year) will be made which should be by October 31st at the latest, except in the case of headteachers for whom the deadline is December 31st. However, where decisions are actually made earlier than the date set, these should be notified to the teacher at the earliest opportunity.”

STPCD 2005: Section 3 Statutory Guidance on School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions (General), para 18.

The NUT has always argued that there is no justifiable reason for long delays in this matter as the decision is based on a review of the teacher’s performance over the previous two years.

Teachers who have moved schools are sometimes told that this is the reason for the delay. The new STPCD is helpful here, too. It makes it clear that the Head must consult with the Head of the previous school to seek evidence for progression. (Section 3 Statutory Guidance para 29). Clearly, such consultation can easily be done before the deadline of October 31st.



Many classrooms are now equipped with computer projectors and inter-active whiteboards, and most teachers would agree that they are a valuable resource. This equipment, however, unless used properly, does present health and safety risks in the form of discomfort and damage to the eyes.

If you work with a projector your school should have provided training in its safe use.

The most recent advice confirms that the worst thing you can do is look straight into the beam – this is not unlike looking straight at the sun. But the advice adds that spending any length of time standing in the beam is also a significant hazard.


School Rep? Need some help with the consultation in your school on the introduction of TLRs? Book a place at our training session on

Friday Nov 4th,
at the Holiday Inn,
from 1.15 to 3pm.
(Lunch provided from 12.30).

All reps have been written to about this event.
If your school does not have a rep, it would be a good idea to try to send someone along - please ring the Union office, or e-mail:
We apologise for the possibility that this date may clash with Eid. We will arrange training at another time for any Muslim Reps. who contact us.



You may have seen the reference to the Project’s website in the last Teacher magazine. It has been designed (by a Bradford NUT member) to provide information and anti-racist teaching resources for those working with young people, particularly in the Bradford area.
Visitors to the site - - are asked to share their ideas and resources with colleagues from other schools.
The website is new but there is already much interesting material on it to help understand the position in Bradford plus useful teaching ideas.

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