Pensions, Re-modelling, Privatisation, Academies. These are some of the issues which have arisen during the lifetime of the present Government which will significantly affect the way teachers work and the rewards they receive for the job.

As politicians are very sensitive to the opinions of their constituents during an election campaign, why not use the opportunity to raise these issues with them?
Below are some questions which could usefully be asked of your candidates, together with contact details available to us.

* Are you in favour of teachers being able to retire on a full pension at 60?
* Are you in favour of all classes being taught at all times by qualified teachers?
* Are you in favour of work in schools to combat racism?
* Are you against the privatisation of education services, and the establishment of Academies?
* Are you in favour of the abolition of school league tables, and reducing the amount of testing of pupils?

Labour Party candidates
Bradford North, Terry Rooney.
Bradford South, Gerry Sutcliffe.
Bradford West, Marsha Singh.

All the above can be written to at Labour Party, 76 Kirkgate, Bradford.

Shipley, Christopher Leslie.
33 Saltaire Rd., Shipley. BD18 3HH
Keighley, Ann Cryer.
35 Devonshire St. Keighley.
01535 210083

All Labour candidates can be emailed at:

Conservative Party candidates
Bradford North, Teck Khong
Bradford South, Geraldine Carter
Bradford West, Haroon Rashid
Shipley, Philip Davies.

All at76 Otley Rd, Shipley, BD18 3SA.

Keighley, Karl Poulson.
Churchill House, North St, Keighley. BD21 3AF

Lib Dem candidates
Bradford North, David Ward.
Bradford South, Mike Doyle
Bradford West, Mukhtar Ali.
Shipley, John Briggs
Keighley, Nader Fekri

Postal addresses can be obtained from

Green Party candidates
Bradford North, Steven Schofield
Bradford South, Derek Curtis
Bradford West, Parvez Darr
Shipley, Quentin Deakin

For all above please refer to contact details on election leaflets, or try or
1a Waterlow Road, London, N19 5NJ
Respect candidate
Bradford North. Umit Hildiz.

(We are aware that other parties may be standing candidates but we are not aware at present of their details)

We'd love to see any replies that you get, particularly about pensions.



From September 1st this year all teachers are entitled to Preparation, Planning and Assessment time. Because this is a very important issue, and because the NUT is determined to make PPA time something which really does improve the working conditions of teachers, we have organised three meetings to discuss its implementation. Everyone welcome but please try to ensure that at least one person from your school attends one of these meetings.

All the meetings are from 4 to 5 pm and refreshments will be available.



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