If you are a victim of violence at work, you need to report the incident at school. Violence at work is defined as “Any incident in which a person is abused, threatened or assaulted in circumstances relating to their work.” (Health and Safety Executive).

You should complete the “Reportable Violence to Staff” form and get it signed by the Headteacher who will send it to Education Bradford. EB will record the incident, write to you and offer preliminary advice and support.

You need to complete this form after

If you are the victim of violence which does not fit into the above descriptions, you still need to report it. It may be recorded on a different form and reported along with other similar incidents, on a termly basis, to EB. Examples of this might be an injury caused by an accidental collision in a corridor, or verbal abuse which you feel was not directly aimed at you.

It is essential that all acts of violence against school staff are recorded. If they are not, it is difficult for the union to work towards reducing them. The relevant forms should be in an easily accessible place in school, such as the staff room.

There is a new system in Bradford schools for reporting violence at work. The NUT has been active in trying to establish an efficient system which accurately records violence to school staff and which offers support to the victims. All schools have been sent documents explaining the system and the forms which are used to report violent incidents.