Keighley: Monday November 26th at Keighley College, 4pm

Ilkley: Monday December 3rd at Ilkley Grammar, 4pm

Bradford : Tuesday December 4th at The International Restaurant, 5pm

These Special Meetings have been called as part of the NUT’s campaign to stop teachers’ earnings falling even further behind those in the private sector, and to redress the balance from previous below-inflation increases. Please try to attend one of them, or make sure someone from your school is able to get there.

Some Facts about Teachers’ Pay:

The Government and the School Teachers Review Body (STRB) agreed to a review mechanism if inflation was higher than expected in 2006 and 2007. But when inflation rose beyond the level which would trigger the mechanism Secretary of State Alan Johnson refused to allow the STRB to carry out the review. Johnson’s replacement, Ed Balls, has confirmed that decision. So added to the injustice of making public sector workers pay for the Government’s anti-inflationary strategy is that broken promise.

The STRB are now due to report their recommendation for our pay levels for the next three years and we should know that before our meetings.


If you live in the Leeds area you can if you wish go to a Leeds NUT meeting at:

West Park Centre, Spen Lane, on November 14th

Queen’s Arms, Harrogate Rd, on November 19th

South Leeds Leisure Centre, Beeston Rd, on November 21st

Garforth Leisure Centre, Ninelands Lane, on November 26th

(All meetings from 4 - 5 .30pm .)