In the last Newsletter we reported that the Government had refused to allow the School Teachers’ Review Body to carry out a further review of pay, despite the fact that they had promised such a review if inflation exceeded 3.25% (which it has).

The Government’s disingenuousness hits teachers at the top and bottom of the scale. Young teachers will be £500 worse off than they would have been if their pay had kept pace with inflation – and that’s on top of repayment of student loans and the spiralling cost of buying or renting accommodation. More experienced teachers and those with additional responsibilities are losing out by up to £1,000.

The Union is seeking to build a campaign with other teacher and public sector unions for fair pay, a plan will include industrial action if necessary. But there is also something we, as individual members, can do. Look on the NUT’s website –

There’s a quick and simple survey to complete, and a model e-mail to send to your MP (if you don’t have time to compose your own).

The site also contains other information about the campaign.