Last term, against the background of the dismal failure of workforce re-modelling to make the slightest dent in teacher’s workload, NUT members were balloted on the Union’s workload and working time policy.

The ballot result overwhelmingly supported the Union’s position. Information has been sent to all members advising them about what they can and cannot be expected to do, and more detailed information has been sent to all school representatives.

We are now in a position to make a real difference. The NUT is prepared to act to defend its members, in individual schools, over abuses in relation to the 1265 hours, after school meetings, planning, PPA time, lesson observations, work-life balance, Ofsted, and other issues.

Contact the union office if you or members at your school feel that the demands being made upon you are unreasonable.

Workload – use the

ballot to make

a difference