Problems often arise when heating systems have not been switched on early enough in the morning, especially Monday mornings. The minimum temperature should be established by the time your directed time begins.

If your school is too cold, the management have to try to correct the problem. If it can’t be corrected quickly, say by lunchtime, then they will have to consider closing the school. Clearly, how long you wish to struggle on will depend on how cold it actually is. Please ring the office if you need assistance, as the Union will support members in refusing to work in inadequately heated rooms.

In recent years high temperatures have become more of a problem as modern windows and IT rooms are installed. Unfortunately there is no legal upper limit, but nevertheless temperatures must be reasonable.

The NUT’s policy is a maximum of 26 degrees C, and the The World Health Organisation recommends 24 degrees C.

The office has already this winter received calls from members about low temperatures in their schools. Legislation says that the temperature should be at least 18 degreesC throughout the time when you are expected to be there.