Why Do We Need One?

Under British law, if any union wants to publish a pamphlet or advertisement, or hold a meeting to try to persuade people to vote for – or not vote for – a political party, it must pay for it out of a separate political fund. Because at present the NUT has no such fund it is prevented from campaigning as effectively as it would like to against parties which openly promote racist or fascist views. Last year for example, in Barking and Dagenham, it was prevented from speaking out against the BNP which eventually won 11 of the13 council seats which were being contested.

A Political Fund will not mean affiliation to any political party – the NUT has always been, and will continue to be, independent in this respect .

It also will not put the NUT out of step with other teaching unions – the NASUWT, the University and College Union (formerly NATFHE and AUT) and the Educational Institute of Scotland already have political funds and are able to campaign effectively against racist and fascist parties.

If a fund is established it will cost each member an extra £1.42 per year, and each member will also have the right to opt out.

Please VOTE “YES” in the Political Fund ballot and help the NUT to campaign against those who peddle division and hatred.

More information on the political fund can be found on the NUT website at

In January the Union will be balloting members over the establishment of a political fund.