A Merry Christmas from Ed Enezer Balls, Minister for Schools.

“I must admit it was hard to choose a present for you this time, after all the lovely gifts you have had over the last few years. But I was helped out by my old friend, the Ghost of Christmas Present. Actually, I have had it all wrapped up since October but I thought it would be much nicer if I saved it up until Christmas.

Now, close your eyes and guess. No, it’s not a humbug, don’t be silly. It’s what you have been waiting for –your 2% pay rise. Now isn’t that nice? What’s that, you’d rather have a humbug? Well of all the ungrateful *!?/**!!?^*. . ” (continued on p.94)


Lookalikes? Has anyone ever noticed the amazing resemblance between a Dickensian character and a Government Minister?



Ebenezer Scrooge
Edenezer Balls