Amending The RIG Model Performance Management Policy For Schools

The NUT has a good Performance Management Policy for schools which we have sent to all schools and which we would encourage schools to adopt. This forms the basis of any amendments to the RIG policy if that model is tabled for consultation.

The page numbering relates to the whole RIG document. The Policy begins on Page 5 of it.

Page 9. “OBJECTIVE SETTING Insert “3” between “no more than” and “objectives”

Page 11 “TRAINING AND SUPPORT” Delete “The school’s priorities will have precedence” from the fourth paragraph.

Page 13 “APPOINTMENT OF REVIEWERS FOR TEACHERS Delete the text after “Option 2” in the box, and replace with

“In this school, the head teacher has decided that the head teacher will be the reviewer for those teachers s/he directly line manages and will delegate, as appropriate, the role of reviewer to the relevant line managers who are in the leadership group or who have teaching and learning responsibility payments. The maximum number of reviews that any line manager as reviewer will be expected to undertake per cycle is three.”

Page 18 “ANNEX 1 CLASSROOM OBSERVATION PROTOCOL Delete from “The total period for classroom observation....” to “In this school ‘proportionate to need’ will be determined by____” and replace with

“Classroom observation for the statutory purposes of performance management and evaluating the standards of teaching and learning will not exceed a total of three hours for each reviewee within each performance management cycle. The governing body recognises that classroom observation within this maximum limit can fulfil both statutory purposes.

Classroom observation for the purposes of performance management will be limited to one observation of a maximum of 60 minutes in length per performance management cycle, subject to the reviewee choosing to request a further observation within a three hour maximum.

The maximum number of times each teacher experiences classroom observation for the purposes of performance management and the evaluation of standards of teaching and learning will be three per performance management cycle.

There is no requirement to use all of the three hours. The amount of observation for each teacher will reflect and be proportionate to the needs of the individual.

There will be a reasonable amount of time between classroom observations, irrespective of the purpose of those observations.”

Page 19 “ANNEX 1 CLASSROOM OBSERVATION PROTOCOL” Delete the paragraph beginning “Oral feedback will be given....” and replace with

“Oral feedback from classroom observation for the purposes of performance management will be given as soon as possible after the observation and no later than the end of the following working day. Sufficient time will be allocated within the school day to enable participants in classroom observations to discuss and agree the arrangements for the observations. In addition, release time within the school day will be provided, as soon as possible, to enable the reviewer and reviewee to organise time for discussion on the outcomes of classroom observation. Time for preparation and feedback for classroom observation for performance management purposes will be made available in addition to, and not part of, PPA time.”

Page 19 “ANNEX 1 CLASSROOM OBSERVATION PROTOCOL” Delete all from “A headteacher has a duty...” to the end of the document on the following page – i.e. the section on “drop-ins”


Bradford NUT Recommended Local Amendments to the PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Policy