Bradford NUT Guidance for Primary Schools on:

Planning, Preparation and Assessment – PPA time


Key points of the entitlement






The NUT position

The NUT has campaigned for years to achieve non-contact time for all teachers, particularly in Primary, and was in the process of moving towards industrial action to achieve it before the Government agreed to talks on workload reduction .


Unfortunately, the Government’s agenda is something called “ workforce remodelling” .

The rationale behind this is cost-cutting and introducing PPA on the cheap. It also in the process short changes children and poses problems for teachers both professionally and in terms of potential workload- the very problem it should be addressing. Last but not least, it poses a threat to teachers’ jobs as funding issues may determine whether a teacher is employed or not to teach children in whole classes.


Our concerns have now been belatedly recognised by the largest headteachers’ union, the NAHT, who have withdrawn from the Workforce Agreement. This means that the largest teachers’ union and the largest headteachers’ union are now united in opposition to workload reduction on the cheap.


The issues members will face



NUT advice to members






One headteacher on the National Remodelling Team website complained “that staff resistance to change was disappointing.” She was reporting feedback from NQTs in her school who questioned why they had spent 4 years qualifying to teach when the workforce reform agenda assumed that a teaching assistant was qualified to teach on a regular basis. The Government propaganda agenda is overwhelming aimed at crushing that resistance and making it seem outdated –witness the latest letter to parents sent out by Education Bradford trumpeting that children would not lose out in the remodelling agenda. How do they know? Who can trust them?


The NUT fought for an all graduate profession and parity of Nursery, Primary and Secondary. The remodelling agenda puts these at risk.